More and more men are showing emotion, you see it on awards shows, in sports, and in everyday life. Men cry about their wives, children, career, and life. It wasn't acceptable at one time. Most men's men like John Wayne wouldn't cave to showing any emotion but a strong straight face.

Some men (and women) feel that it lessons men, men shouldn't have emotion. There have been studies that show that boys are taught to shrug off pain and emotion and take it in stride. Denis Leary, actor and comedian, says his Dad cut off his finger, then wanted to drive himself to the hospital and never even shed a tear. It is acceptable for girls to show their feelings. The study showed that men died younger because there was no release of emotion.

According to, in ancient Greece, warriors would come back from battle and release their emotion. It was not uncommon for even the toughest man to break down and cry. Men were expected to cry to show how much they loved their country and family.

Now we see men cry because they retire, they win the Super Bowl, they are talking about their children. In the movies, the new Bond movie, he cries.

Personally, I am emotional. I cry at weddings and have a lot of emotion when I talk about loved ones. I don't think it makes me any less or any more of a man, just human.

According to the men now are crying and showing emotions more than their fathers did, and not afraid to either.I think it will always be up for judgement, but it doesn't seem like holding anything in is healthy.

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