If you look at the movies, there are more roles for men to be emotional. Women love to see it, but do men want to cry?

According to Askmen.com, men used to cry all the time. So why is it that boys are taught to shrug off pain and emotion and take it in stride?

One of my favorite videos, Cure for Cancer, Denis Leary, actor, and comedian, says his Dad cut off his finger and never even shed a tear. Whereas girls are supposed to show their feelings. A Harvard study showed that men died younger because there was no release of emotion.

Now we see men cry because they retire, they win the Super Bowl, they are talking about their children. In the movies, the new Bond movie, he cries.

Personally, I am emotional. I cry at weddings, movies, concerts, and moving speeches. I have emotions when I describe parts of my life or people that have moved me or inspired me. I don't think it makes me any less or any more of a man, just human.


Michael Murphy thinks men should cry more, he wrote an article for lifehack and says this, "Crying is often associated with weakness, but that is not the truth — crying shows humanity and passion." He goes on to say that it can relieve stress and stops violent outbreaks in men and other things.

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