There isn't much time left to join us and become a partner in hope. We are on till 6pm. Please call in now 800-372-4999. Help families have hope for their children.

We take this seriously, because these are our friends, neighbors, and family. These are children, that were once running and chasing and playing video games, but now are in a hospital with a cancer they can't even say. We will ask you to become a partner in hope, which is a monthly commitment out of your credit card. It will be the best money you have ever spent.

I had a woman who came up to me and said she gave for the past 5 years and never thought she would be the family that needed the help of St. Jude. She said to me, tell people to call, everything you said on the air about taking care of families and never seeing a bill and the hospital, it's all true. By the way, she is still a partner in hope!

This Video sums up what we do. Please tune in and hear why we do this radiothon. You can call this number and donate 1-800-372-4999.

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