Have to work in the morning? Who cares with the Gopher Bar starting the show at 7pm you still have time for a good nights sleep.  Last night I was able to catch a great up and coming band called "3 Pill Morning" along with local band "Shadows of Me". it's nice to hear current hard rock in the north land.

I am so in love with live music and my favorite is hard rock, we get very few hard rock bands in the north land. Welcome back to Duluth "3 Pill Morning", A hard rock band from MN who has made it to on air radio play and will be playing at Rock Fest this year.

They came on like they were there to rock your face off. They did it with energy and power, vocals were clean and the guitar was hammering out the riffs pulling off a great show from start to finish. I had a great time and really liked the fact that is was a small venue.

I would like to see more of the main stream radio play bands in town and glad the Gopher took the risk. I gladly paid the ticket price, yes I said paid. I am tired of people complaining about paying to see bands locally, come on, getting a band of this caliber the costs are higher.  So pay up and get ready for music.