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Best Local Band Poll Results
It all started when we asked for open nominations for the best musical act in the Northland.  We said it could be a band, a duo, a singer/songwriter, etc.
After getting hundreds of nominees, the 5 talented artists who received the most were moved into the finals.  It turns out they were all…
Does Your Favorite Band Sound Just As Good At Any Bar?
Checking out your favorite band at a local watering hole brings joy and happiness as you party with your friends and enjoy your favorite band. But is the band that good, or is this just your favorite place to party? How does your favorite band stack up at a new place?
Rock Concerts On Sunday In Duluth, Bring It On
Have to work in the morning? Who cares with the Gopher Bar starting the show at 7pm you still have time for a good nights sleep.  Last night I was able to catch a great up and coming band called "3 Pill Morning" along with local band "Shadows of Me". it&…

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