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Clerical Mistake Hits Home For Social Security Chief
Inherent mistakes in the Social Security Administration's so-called "Master Death File" recently hit home with it's chief officer - resulting in a new call to fix the system.
Social Security Commissioner Michael Astrue admitted Thursday that he, personally, has experienced…
Las Vegas: Pay For Water But Eat And Drink For Free
Let me get this straight:  I can drink all the Bloody Mary's or Manhattans I want and can even double-trip the dinner buffet on the house --- but if I want a glass of water I have to pay for it?
Las Vegas - the city the rewards tourists with free food, alcohol, even hotel rooms - is raising…
The End Is Near For CD’s?
Can I just say that as a life-long music fan and collector, I HATE this news?
Just like the music industry did in the late 1980's when they conspired to prematurely pound the nail in the coffin for the vinyl format, it appears that they are about to do the same for CD's...
Obama Proposes Government Censorship Of The Internet
Freedom of speech - right?  How 'bout the President shutting down or limiting what's on the internet?
“The President ... may declare a cyber security emergency and order the limitation or shutdown of Internet traffic to and from any compromised Federal Government or United States Critical infrastruct…
No More Public Restrooms At Starbucks?
Sure - you can get an extra-strong Columbian dark roast.  Want a breakfast sandwich?  No problem.  Holiday CD?  You bet!  However - you might want to answer Mother Nature's call somewhere else.
Starbucks  loves to set up cafes in areas with heavy foot traffic...
Lights Out For 100-Watt Incandescent Bulb
January 1, 2012 marks the date the you will no longer be able to buy 100-watt incandescent light bulbs.  The "green" regulation that outlawed them will take effect as we welcome the new year.
It's part of the government's effort to move consumers away from inefficient energy-hog incandescen…
Goodbye TextBooks, Hello Tablets
The recent start to the school year has seen one change in more than one classroom around the country:  Students are learning from digital devices more than ever before.  In fact, some experts predict the end to the printed textbook.
At Hayfield, Maryland, students arrive in class and pull …
Obama Says No French Fries For You; Olive Garden Agrees
You know - you work hard.  You go to a restaurant.  "Order anything you want".  Sure - why not;  You're paying for it - right?
Not at Olive Garden.
Following the edict handed down from the Obama administration, the Olive Garden has become the first restaurant…

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