One of the growing trends in the last few years has been "lewd"-ly named liquor brands.  You know what I'm talking about.  Spend five minutes in a liquor store and you'll see all sorts of examples on the wine, liquor, and even beer shelves.  Apparently, it sells product really well.

The line about having to “compete in a crowded category” explains quite a lot about why makers of beer, wine and spirits come up with controversial (if not outright offensive) names and labels in the first place. It’s difficult to stand out from the pack on a shelf or behind a refrigerator’s frosted glass in a store. So manufacturers are employing dark, politically incorrect, potentially offensive humor in order to catch the eyes of drinkers — who may just so happen to have the attitudes and sensibilities to match. Anyone who’s offended probably wasn’t going to buy the product anyway, the thinking goes.

Manufacturers depend on the creative names to get word-of-mouth on their spirits, which can reap big rewards when it comes to liquor sales.

Have you seen any "creatively-branded" names lately?

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