Just when you thought you've seen it all comes this:  The Trumpy Bear - a teddy bear that is (somewhat) cosmetically-accurate to the way President Donald Trump looks.  Did I mention it's stuffed with an American flag?

Apparently this product is new to the market and is currently being sold via an ad on TV.  I hadn't seen the ad - or the product - so the digital department invited me into their office to watch the ad and record my reaction.

Once again, did I mention that it's stuffed with an American flag?

The Trumpy Bear is marketed by a company in Dallas, Texas.  It should also be pointed out that the product has no ties to the President other than the caricature-nature of its appearance.  (In other words, this is not an officially sanctioned Trump product and unless the President is watching late night television, probably has no idea that it exists)

You can watch my reaction to seeing the bear and the ad for the first time on the video below.

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