Do you agree with these findings? A new study has named the most popular liquor in each and every state.

Wide Open Eats released the study this month on their website. To get the findings of the study, the website looked at social media posts from about 700,000 social media users across the country and sorted the photos by state. (People love to document what they eat and drink on social media, in case you haven't noticed.)

So which drink are we keen on in Minnesota? According to the study, we love Fireball. Wisconsin loves Captain Morgan.

We aren't alone. Fireball was the drink of choice for a good majority of the country including Arkansas, New Hampshire, New Jersey and Rhode Island, among other states. Captain Morgan, on the other hand, was only the favorite of the Cheesehead State.

In May, there was another study done regarding what everyone was drinking during the pandemic. They gauged the most popular cocktail of choice by looking at Google Trends. Minnesota's drink of choice at the time was an oliveto and honestly, I had never even heard of that before. After doing some research, I concluded that I was just fine with that. Ha!

On the topic of food and drink, another study was done about which snack we love the most in each and every state. Minnesotans preferred to snack on Snickers while Wisconsin residents prefer to eat Twix bars as a snack. I felt like this was a little bit random since candy isn't really a snack but I am not mad about it. The more you know!

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