Booze Ban Lifted In Duluth
At the Duluth City Council meeting on June 27th, the council voted 5-3 in favor of lifting the ban of selling liquor in the Lester Park and Lakeside neighborhoods. The ban has been in effect since before 1900.
Makers Mark Whiskey Cuts Alcohol Amount To Stretch Supplies
Makers Mark Whiskey has grown to become a popular choice among whiskey drinkers. Known by it's distinctive red wax sealed-bottle, the whiskey has taken it's place among the top-shelf varieties.   Apparently, sales of the American-made liquor have outgrown supplies - so the maker of Ma…
Offensive Names Equal Profit In The Liquor World
One of the growing trends in the last few years has been "lewd"-ly named liquor brands.  You know what I'm talking about.  Spend five minutes in a liquor store and you'll see all sorts of examples on the wine, liquor, and even beer shelves...