As details slowly become available about the ramifications of Obamacare on the health costs of humans, another angle is being exposed;  The health act will also raise the costs of your pet's healthcare.

[O]ne of those unintended consequences of th[is] legislation, is that medical devices are now taxed. And guess what, your veterinarian buys medical devices to use in their practice. And since they have to pay taxes on those medical devices, that increases the cost for them to do business and like a good businessperson, they will pass those costs on to you.

It should be pointed out that medical equipment that is used just for pet care isn't included on the tax roll of Obamacare, equipment with dual purposes is.

While medical devices that are used strictly on animals are exempt from the tax, many devise are dual use, they can be used for both humans and animals. Those devices include IV equipment, anesthesia equipment, sterile medical instruments and some monitoring devices. All those will be taxed at the same rate of 2.3% that all other medical devices will be, and those of us that have pets will pay the price.

Veterinarians are already starting to prep their customers with the information that their rates and costs are going up.