Obamacare Raises Your Pet’s Vet Costs
As details slowly become available about the ramifications of Obamacare on the health costs of humans, another angle is being exposed;  The health act will also raise the costs of your pet's healthcare.
Obamacare Equals Reduced Hours For Some Wendy’s Employees
Apparently they weren't empty threats.  When The Obama administration pushed for the passage of the Affordable Health Care Act, some of the nations largest employers said that the costs associated with the new mandate would force them into reducing hours, a cut-back on hiring, or worse...
Obamacare To Raise The Price Of Your Papa John’s Pizza
During a conference call with investors,  John Schnatter - founder and CEO of Papa John's Pizza - announced that unless Obamacare is repealed, the company will be forced to pass along a price increase to customers.
At this time, the forecast is for prices to rise up to 20-cents per pizza - …

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