Counting calories or watching your fat grams has never been easy when you're trying to make healthy choices.  VendScreen - a vending company - is aiming to make it easier.

VendScreen, a fancy touch-screen device, stores nutrition content information for all the goods stocked in a vending machine. Users can browse through all the items and select by dietary requirements.

The move owes it's origins to the Obama "Let's Move!" campaign.

As part of the health care reform legislation President Obama signed in March 2010, all vending machine owners who operate more than 20 units will be required by federal law to post calorie content. The Food and Drug administration has deemed that the the sign declaring calorie information must be in "the same field of vision as the food items in the machine." The FDA reports that operators will spend more than 14 million hours annually completing the process. Obviously the vending machine operators want to avoid all of that time spent. That's where VendScreen comes in.

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