Not long ago I told you about the threat of an upcoming bacon crisis in 2020. To sum it up, global taste for pork has always been strong and it has been growing. But, there's a disease killing pigs in Asia. They eat a lot of pork in Asia, so they are going to be looking at importing pork from other countries. That's going to send pork prices higher since the demand will be greater. It's basic economics. Less pork means higher prices and less supply of what Americans love most: Bacon.

Up until last week, the market hadn't started shifting. Now, it has. According to this article in the Duluth News Tribune, U.S. pork exports have hit a record high. China & Mexico made their largest purchase of U.S. pork since 2013. Japan also made huge purchases as well.

As trade tensions with China begin to slowly thaw, we can expect these numbers to continue their climb. Unfortunately for Bacon lovers, everything is indicating that those prices will be going up.


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