Could it be the matchup? Green Bay vs Chicago last year had higher ratings. Could it be that it is Football on a Thursday? Maybe.

According to Deadline, 19 million people watched the racially charged first game with Kansas City vs Houston, a rematch of the playoffs last year and the first game of the defending champs Kansas City. Deadline goes on to say that is 12.3% down from the aforementioned GB vs Chicago game last year.

Keep in mind there are some tasty matchups on Sunday. Green Bay Packers vs The Minnesota Vikings. There is always a rivalry with these two teams, this year each is picked by different writers and sports channels to win the division. Each team has a story that could make them have a great season. Each has a quarterback that needs to prove something.

Tom Brady vs Drew Brees, two of the greatest quarterbacks ever on teams that are stacked with talent. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs the New Orleans Saints. Both teams have a Super Bowl Win, both teams have quarterbacks that want to add to their legendary careers. They are both older players trying to prove they can still play at this level.

Cam Newton making the start for the New England Patriots. There is also a story there. Quarterback cut from team still has something to prove, team without Tom Brady, can they still be good?

The Arizona Cardinals picked to be a spoiler team playing the NFC Champion San Francisco 49ers, who could go back to the Super Bowl.

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How Good are Dallas and Tennessee? Is Dak worth the money that he isn't getting paid this year, does he deserve an extension? After adding talent to the defense, are they a whole team? Was Tennessee a fluke or is this the year they can get back and make it to the Super Bowl?

Should we worry yet? NO! If it becomes about race and kneeling only, that could hurt. If the NFL can combine the changes that need to be made for the races and the drama of the season, this could be exciting.

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