This question has been debated for many years now, it would be better for business.

Some communities across the country want to move Halloween to the last Saturday of the month in order to keep kids safer. Some say it's also for bars and other establishments to make some money. This year we get a taste of it because Halloween really falls on the last Saturday of the month.

Here are some of the positive reasons why it should change, kids won't be tired the next day after celebrations, and it's easier for parents to be able to have the whole day, rather than after sports practice and work. Parents say they could check candy on Sunday and have more time to go through it.

For Bars, they could throw a Saturday party every Halloween and people could party hard and not have to worry about getting up early for work, they could sleep in.

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Here's something new for 2020. Some people are complaining that there is all the ghost and demon-themed costumes the Saturday night before church the following day.

The caller says there are good reasons to move it and keep it there. That it's safer for pedestrians. That there is a decrease in fatal crashes on the weekdays Halloween is on and the Saturdays that the celebration is on. When Halloween was on a Friday crashes increased 52 percent, when on Saturday crashes were 27 percent. The lowest percentage of any day. says their researchers analyzed over 24 years of fatal crash reports and said their results show that Halloween should be moved to Saturday.

Some small towns and communities have been quietly doing the move already. Would it make life that much easier or is it a better idea to stick with tradition? Some people are saying if we make Halloween a certain day of the month, do we start doing the same. It works for Thanksgiving and Easter, do we make Christmas a certain day so it doesn't move and makes school vacations easier?

What do you think?

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