The KOOL football Schwamee had a rough year last year, this year it's going to be even tougher with no pre-season and COVID-19 changing the landscape.

Plus, this year the Northland's Sports Page hosts Brian Prudhomme and Dave Cook are going to make their NFL picks against the KOOL Schwamme and we will see how everyone does.

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This week there are a lot of huge match-ups that are a tease. The Thursday game Houston vs Kansas City. Green Bay vs Minnesota, both of these teams have been picked by different sportswriters to win the division, so let's have them play each other right away. Miami vs New England, how will Cam Newton look? Can they start the season with a loss? Tom Brady vs Drew Brees....ugh, Tampa Bay vs New Orleans. This could be the last year for Drew, the Saints look like the best in the NFC and they return most of the team who now have a mission they feel, but there's Tom Brady who wants to prove he is the reason the Pats were winners all those years. It's a promising first week.

Every week the three guys will pick and see who is the best at the end of the year.

Houston Texans Kansas City Chiefs
Chicago Bears Detroit Lions
Cleveland Browns Baltimore Ravens
Green Bay Packers Minnesota Vikings
Indianapolis Colts Jacksonville Jaguars
Las Vegas Raiders Carolina Panthers
Miami Dolphins New England Patriots
New York Jets Buffalo Bills
Philadelphia Eagles Washington Football Team
Seattle Seahawks Atlanta Falcons
Los Angeles Chargers Cincinnati Bengals
Arizona Cardinals San Francisco 49ers
Tampa Bay Buccaneers New Orleans Saints
Dallas Cowboys Los Angeles Rams
Pittsburgh Steelers New York Giants
Tennessee Titans Denver Broncos

KOOL Schwamme Picks KC, Chicago, Baltimore, Minnesota, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Miami, Buffalo, Washington, Seattle, Chargers, San Francisco, New Orleans, Dallas, Pittsburgh, and Denver

Brian Prudhomme Northland Sports Page picks KC, Atlanta, Baltimore, Buffalo, Carolina, Detroit, Indianapolis, New England, Philadelphia, LA Chargers, Tampa, SF, LA Rams, Pittsburgh, and Tennessee

Dave Cook of Northland Sports Page picks KC, Atlanta, Baltimore, Buffalo, Raiders, Detroit, Indy, New England, Washington, LA Chargers, Tampa, Arizona, Dallas, Pittsburgh, and Denver.

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