Many people might be surprised at the number of schools that do not offer cursive handwriting to students. But a new bill that has been proposed in Wisconsin would require all students to be proficient at it by 5th grade.

Cursive has since been cut in classrooms all over the country and replaced by keyboards and computers. Wisconsin Montessori Schools are the exception. Caroline Robbins, Admissions Director for North Shore Montessori School said "Children naturally draw in loops and circles, it's a really important skill that is linked to brain development, literacy, concentration, motor skills. So many things are linked to cursive,"

The debate over whether this should be mandatory or not has been met with some opposition. According to FOX6 "The Wisconsin Association of School Boards does not judge the merit of teaching cursive. But it does object to any mandate -- like the proposed cursive bill that requires schools to spend money or other resources."

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