As reported yesterday, Netflix has rolled out a new pricing platform that reduces service and increases their prices.  Unhappy customers are threatening cancellation, and have take to social media to express their negative opinion.

On Wednesday, #DearNetflix was a trending topic on Twitter, as frustrated subscribers spoke out against the changes, with several threatening to cancel service.

Others said that the selection of movies on Netflix’s streaming service alone is not worth its own plan.

Even more telling, the "offiicial news release" by Netflix on their own Facebook page drew the ire of posters.

On Facebook, the company’s post announcing the change has more than 20,000 comments — and few of them are positive. Most take issue with the fact that the company isn’t adding services to justify its rate hike.

“Nothing like doubling your price and adding no value,” commented Facebook user Tim Smith.

CNET reported that several people seem to have “liked” the Netflix page only to share their displeasure with the company.