10 Things You Should Never Tweet, EVER
Everyone is in to tweeting what they are doing right now. If you have enough followers like the celebrities, it can be fun. Do we really care about everything you are up to.  I don't care about things big stars are up to, do we really want a picture of you with no make up in the tub?
Instagram Gets Video As Facebook Challenges Vine
If you have Instagram, check your updates in the app store because there is a new feature that might surprise you. If you weren't aware, Facebook owns Instagram; and to challenge the explosion of the popular video app that Twitter brought to the table with Vine, they did what seemed most logica…
The Best Tweets From the ‘Prancercise’ Lady
Attention everyone: the lady who launched Prancercise, the internet's favorite new exercise craze, is back. That's right folks-- horse fanatic Joanna Rohrback is now on Twitter, where we can learn important tips on how to live the Prancercise lifestyle.

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