I’ve been working here now for almost a year and in that time I’ve been hit twice by my coworkers in the parking lot with their vehicles, should I be concerned?

When you’re the new guy at your job you are bound to get some of the razzing. Working with a bunch A+ personalities who knows what can happen in radio station. The first incident happened this last winter, I was talking to David Drew in his truck outside the station and as I went to walk in I went around to the door and David backed into me! It’s not even like I was just out in the parking lot, I just got done talking to him. Lucky for me he did stop going backwards, should I be concerned that he didn’t ask if I was okay? He simply gave that David Drew smile and laugh. Although today he says he never did hit me.

So the second incident just happened yesterday, I head out to my vehicle that’s parked in the role next to Tony Hart, as I get in my vehicle to grab my man bag I see Tony in his vehicle. I shut my truck door and head to go into the building and then wham! Tony backs into me! This time I take quite the little bump but luckily I simply graze off the vehicle like a deer on a Saturday night. But I will say this at least Tony look concerned unlike David. True Tony was worried about a lawsuit but nonetheless concerned.

I would like to think that they didn’t see me because of all the weight I’m losing or the fact that I’m a secret ninja. Or are they really just trying to kill me?