Since it first signed on the air - April Fool's Day 1996 - KOOL 101.7 has had a lot of different members of its broadcast team.  Some of them have worked in positions of high-visibility, but many others have toiled away behind the scenes playing an integral part in the creation of the product you hear on your radio and visit online.

Recently, the time came for us to say farewell to a team member that has long overstayed their welcome.  Not to sound overly cruel or mean-spirited, but I don't know if anyone will truly miss this part of the team - and - they've already been replaced.  As the years have gone by, I think this team member has been more of a hindrance to the cause - adding more drama and problems than actual solutions and output to the workflow.

Watch our "Goodbye Video" to see us say our (not so fond) farewell!

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