One of northern Minnesota's main highways is about to see some speed limit changes.  The Minnesota Department of Transportation has announced that Highway 73 will see changes to various segments of the roadway; some areas will see an increase while others will have an overall speed reduction.

The changes are the result of a traffic and engineering study on the route.  MNDOT studied the number of past crashes, the physical attributes of the highway, and an analysis of current driving speeds.  The 2014 study was initiated by the Minnesota Legislature - which directed the agency to evaluate its two-lane, 55 MPH highways to see which could safely handle a speed increase.

Here are the impending changes - which become official at the time that the signage is changed:

Speed limits on Highway 73 will increase from 55 MPH to 60 MPH:

  • Between Kettle River and milepost 18 (south of the curves prior to Carlton Highway 4)
  • Between Cromwell and US Highway 2
  • Between Floodwood and Highway 169 in Hibbing
  • North of Chisholm to US Highway 53

Speed limits on Highway 73 will decrease from 55 MPH to 50 MPH:

  • Between I-35 and the roundabout in Moose Lake

Sections of Highway 73 that will remain at 55 MPH:

  • Between Moose Lake and Kettle River
  • Between milepost 18 and Cromwell

For more details, visit MNDOT online by clicking here.


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