We are closer than you think, a woman kicked a 55-yard field goal and NFL teams have offered her contracts already.

Carli Lloyd was all over the internet showing her kicking a field goal with the Philadelphia Eagles and the Baltimore Ravens. According to the story, a trainer said she should try to kick that she should be able to do a respectable kick with the strength of her leg.

I know that some of the men in football are too big and I don't know if a woman can lift and maintain a weight like a defensive or offensive lineman. Why can't we have punters and placekickers?

I also know a lot of men that don't want women to get into major league sports. I don't see the problem. If there is a woman that can compete at that level, there is no reason she can't get in. I think she might be the first woman to play. Back to those who think women shouldn't play in the NFL, what if your season depended on a kick in the last minute and this woman was money in the bank?

I don't know a single person who wouldn't want her if she can hit it. She says she has to get some things in order before she can make the jump but says she may take them up on it.


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