An old holiday has a (new) even older name in Superior.  At their August 20 meeting, the Superior City Council voted to adopt a resolution that formally recognizes the second Monday in October as Indigenous Peoples Day.  The move bypasses the more colloquial name of Columbus Day.

The vote added voice to a proclamation that Superior Mayor Jim Paine has made each year since he took office.  Officially, the city didn't recognize the Columbus Day holiday to begin with.  With this vote, there is now formal recognition of the date with the name.

According to news reports, this move makes sense - especially in our region and area:

The resolution recognizes the people of Lake Superior as the original inhabitants of the land now known as Superior, with proud traditions and rich culture that made the area one of the most important trade routes in North America, a tradition that continues in the city. It recognizes the forced assimilation, historical trauma and cultural genocide the Anishinaabe people endured since colonization began.

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