To be fair:  The Northland is pretty average when it comes to daily computer use.  But the daily totals are still surprising.

The results of a recent survey tracked the amount of time American's spent on the computer each day.  On average, 90 minutes are spent leisurely on the computer each day - however that number changes based on what state the respondent is living in.

Alaska tops the list with almost 3 hours a day (2 hours and 48 minutes) spent on the computer.  While that number makes sense - considering the weather and geography in the state - Arkansas number two ranking (at 2 hours and 9 minutes each day) is a little surprising.  Meanwhile, Delaware ranks lowest on  the list - with their state residents spending an average of only 43 minutes each day on the computer.

A quick look at the times plotted on a United States map shows that residents in the southern part of the country generally spend the most time each day on a computer for leisure - while northern states spend the least; you would think that this would be just the opposite.

So where do Minnesota and Wisconsin rank?  Our states rank just about in the middle of the pack. Minnesota ranks with one hour and 20 minutes spend leisurely on the computer, while Wisconsin pulls out ahead at one hour and 35 minutes.

You can see the survey results for yourself by clicking here.


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