With everything else going on right now, it might be easy to lose track of the fact that we are in the midst of U.S. Census - the decennial project to count every person in the United States.  As with every census, there is a push to make sure that response rates are high - because the numbers factor into a lot of important government equations.  While the final count won't be complete for a while yet, it appears that Minnesota and Wisconsin residents are doing pretty well in regards to responding.

April 1 is termed Census Day - an arbitrary date used to spur people into action (i.e. fill out the questionnaire and get it turned in).  As of that date, the response rate for the entire country was 38.4%.  According to news sources, both Minnesota and Wisconsin are ranking ahead of that number - sharing a response rate of 46.4%,

While the initial letters from the U.S. Census started to arrive in the middle of March, you still have a little time to fill out the questionnaire if you haven't done so already.  Participation is required by law.  Those households who haven't completed their census form by the end of May should anticipate a door-to-door personal visit from census staff to collect the data for that address.

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