Look for postcards to arrive at P.O. Box owners between now and July 3rd for those who have not filled out their census online or by phone.

The US Census website says 1.3 million P.O. Boxes will get a postcard reminder instead of a person visiting to collect or remind people to respond. The postcards were dropped off to make appointments but now they will just give the website and phone for people to give their information. The US Census reminds people who do have a box to enter their address when they fill out their information for census takers on the website. They will still get their mail at the P.O. Box but the government agency needs a physical address.

The Census Bureau is allowing for people to respond in English or 12 other languages, by phone using the Census ID included in the packet or if they send back the postcard and indicate they will need that service.

Because of the shutdown, the U.S. Census announced they will extend the response date to October 31, 2020, and there will be one more postcard sent in late July instead of people visiting to keep households and census takers safe.

A little pat on the back goes to Minnesota and Wisconsin, according to the census press release and census website, Minnesota is #1 and Wisconsin #2 for the percentage of census forms filled out.

For more information, visit 2020census.gov.

Another thing that the U.S Census Bureau is asking of people is word of mouth. These days it means sharing it on social media. People aren't filling out their census in states that need the aid and other things the census count brings. Tell people you filled out your census and share it.

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