Ope, used the wrong photo.

The Wisconsin DNR took to social media on Tuesday to outline the upcoming reopening of state parks around the Badger State. The image-based post, shared on both Facebook and Twitter, outlines that parks will open on Friday, May 1 with some notes about new hours, limited capacity, and a reminder about park fees still being required.

While this is all good information to be aware of as someone that might visit one of Wisconsin's state parks, the visual in the background captured more attention than the message for many, as the visual they used is not from a Wisconsin state park.

Look familiar? Yep, that's the famous sea stack from Minnesota's Tettegouche State Park. In the Facebook post (above), eagle-eyed Duluthian Shawn Thompson asked why they used a photo from a Minnesota state park, and the response the Wisconsin DNR offered to Shawn was:

"This was an error on our part and we apologize. A photo was mislabeled. Unfortunately, Facebook won't allow us to swap out the photo."

Minnesota's Reddit community had a little more fun with the error, declaring that "The border war intensifies when the Wisconsin DNR claims Tettegouche as their land." From there, commenters had fun with the subject.

Some boasted Minnesota's general superiority over Wisconsin overall and in the realm of state parks, while others offered pity saying (paraphrased) "let them have it, the poor folks live in Wisconsin".

Even though there's plenty of fun to be had with the error, there is actually a valuable string of conversations on the Facebook post about various elements of the parks opening. One of the biggest recurring conversation pieces was related to park restroom facilities being closed to limit COVID-19 spread. While many expressed their frustration with this policy, the DNR's response to one commenter encapsulated the reason for the decision, saying:

"Restrooms at our properties were a place where people were congregating and not able to properly social distance. As such, all restrooms and drinking fountains will be closed at DNR properties to protect the health and safety of our visitors. You should use your restroom at home before leaving, bring a water bottle and pack hand sanitizer for your visit."

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Other points of note, spelled out in the Wisconsin DNR's Twitter post thread (below) include notes about camping remaining closed until at least May 26, how to buy park passes (which are still required), and what parks will remain closed.

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