Jay Cooke State Park is in the top ten for "most visited" parks in the State of Minnesota.  The park helps to protect and preserve the lower reaches of the Saint Louis River and it's a favorite area for people local to the Twin Ports.

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There is plenty of nature to see on a visit to Jay Cooke, and now that pandemic restrictions are starting to lift, more educational activities are being scheduled.  There are two coming up that I wanted to let you know about, the first is on Saturday, May 29th at 1:30PM.  It's put on by the Minnesota DNR, and it will focus on the rocks in the park.  Many of which are tilted, so this will be a geology walk near the river with a discussion on how the rocks were shaped.  The walk is about a quarter mile and will be on mostly level and grassy surfaces.

The next is on Sunday, May 30th from 1:00-2:30PM, and it will be focusing on the wildflowers in the park.  Many of the flowers will be explained and they will feature a trek to the yellow lady's slipper flowers if they are blooming.  This is a roughly two mile walk that is mostly on flat ground.

Both of these educational events are free to attend but you need to register because of limited space.  You can register by calling 218-673-7005 or by emailing kris.hiller@state.mn.us.  While the events are free, there is a fee to park and those permits can be purchased when you get there.  It's $7.00 for a single day or $35.00 for the year.  You can get more information on Jay Cooke State Park HERE.

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