It looks like the classic "ball-in-glove" logo for the Milwaukee Brewers will be back in use - full time!  A leaked-look from an upcoming set of baseball cards clearly shows the Brewers fan-favorite logo - used from 1978 until 1993 - back in place as the official name plate for the team, albeit with a few minor tweaks.

News sources are reporting that the Topps Baseball Card set for 2020 shows the new-stylized version of the logo on a preview set.

The change comes after the Brewers have utilized the older logo for so-called "throwback" promotions in recent years.  The newer logo that is now being retired was first debuted in 1993 - a time that saw many new teams for the league as well as updated changes for long-standing teams.

Officials close to the plan suggest that any official word or announcement will wait until after the World Series is over.  The Brewers have called Milwaukee and Wisconsin home since 1970.

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