Fall in the Northland is a beautiful time of year. The vibrant colors of the various types of foliage around the region draws crows from around the country to see the beauty and colors of the season.

The National Weather Service recently shared a cool visual from space (via visible weather satellite), showing this transition; going from the green of summertime to the colors of fall, ultimately to the browns of late fall.

The video loop (below) shows the Northland in full green on August 18, speckles of color along the North Shore and into the Michigan UP on September 19, broader color across the region on October 7, and ultimately the brown of the end of the season captured on October 25.

They also shared an interactive satellite map from NASA, which allows you to move through every day's satellite view of the region this fall. While there are days where the cloud cover obscures the view of the ground, there are still plenty of days you can see the fall colors on the ground from space.

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You can pan and zoom around the interactive map by hitting the button below.

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