I've known Andy for fifteen years or so. Andy is my step son. When we've been together, he's casually mentioned he enjoys hunting, and would show me pictures from time to time. Andy never came across to me as an avid hunter, and I guess I never realized hunting meant that much to him. In Wisconsin, people hunt..that's what they do, so I just took it for granted he, like so many others, enjoyed the sport.

You can imagine his Mother's surprise (and mine) when he casually mentioned he had written  some books. I thought Sue was going to fall off the chair when he told her. He had called her this morning to thank us for his birthday card and stuff, then mailed her a link to his most recent book, Bow Hunting: Whitetail Tactics released just in time for archery season, which opens on Sept 15th in Wisconsin. The book will teach you the ins and outs of bow hunting, a sport that is becoming more popular, in a new Kindle eBook at Amazon.com.

Andrew Saari bought his wife a Kindle as a Christmas gift last year, he never dreaming he would be reading his books on it. But, a lack of deer hunting books led him to create his own. Now, his third book, “Bow Hunting: Whitetail Tactics,” was just released weeks before the beginning of Wisconsin’s Bow Hunting season, which opens September 15th.

This bow hunter’s resource provides the novice and experienced hunter with tips, tricks and hunting strategies they otherwise might never have thought of. Everything from how to shoot a bow to deer tracking, and advanced bow hunting techniques are covered.

The Wisconsin hunter has set his sights, and aims for a share of the Kindle market. Andrew Saari began writing his first book, “How to Hunt Deer: Whitetail Tactics” early in 2012, when the book was published on Kindle, as well as in paperback. He was pleasantly surprised when people began buying it, and Andrew was even more motivated to write.