What would you do if you kept waking up from a dream that seems bizarre and yet kept drawing you back in. It's such a different dream that you start writing things down. Now it looks like a story, that's what happened to Suzie Plakson.

So was born “THE RETURN OF KING LILLIAN”, the dream that Suzie kept waking up with. Suzie says, “They were literally flashes, but so beautiful, so enchanting, I couldn’t forget them. The first dream was of Lillian in scarlet cape and musketeer hat riding horseback uphill on a mountain trail - it was enthralling.”

"Fast forward a few decades, and I felt it was time to once again turn to this creature growing inside me, and either bring the thing into the world already or be done with it forever. So I decided to read every single everything I’d ever written about the tale, the world, the characters, every version, every note, every scene — there was a lot to read, believe me."

Here's some audio from the book, performed by Suzie:

That's what we will be talking about on KOOL 101.7, but also about some of her acting and other projects.

Suzie Plakson has quite a resume, she's been a nice Midwestern mom on How I Met Your Mother, a nasty ex-wife on Everybody Loves Raymond, a gay gynecologist on Mad About You, a curmudgeonly sportswriter on Love and War, a tall personal assistant in Wag the Dog, a smart alec flight attendant in Redeye, a disgruntled engineer in Disclosure, and of course, a Vulcan, a half-Klingon, an Andorian and a Q on various Star Trek television series.

Also a voiceover artist, Suzie has played Monica Devertebrae on the series Dinosaurs, as well as a variety of guest voices on Dinosaurs, King of the Hill, Family Guy, and Futurama.

In addition, she has appeared in many theatrical productions, performing such roles as: the lead opposite Anthony Newley in the USA revival tour of Stop the World I Want to Get Off, Marquise Therese du Parc in La Bete on Broadway, and Maleficent in a Disney spectacular at Radio City Music Hall.

Join me as I talk to Suzie on the KOOL 101.7 morning show.