Suzie Plakson is an actress, voice over, sculpter. When she kept having dreams of another world, she couldn't ignore them anymore. So she wrote a book, with her voice.

The Return of King Lillian was done backward by most standards. First you write the book, then you make an audio book. When you are an actress with years of experience in voice acting, why not start with the audio book, who better to read it than you, the one who dreamed of it and realized it.

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Suzie Plakson did just that. Today on the KOOL morning show we talked about her project, what inspired it, and how she made it come to life.

Also, when I taped the interview, we talked a little off air and I got some more out of her. I decided to play it. We talked about her music and how it made her feel and how different of an experience it was..


5 questions is a staple in the KOOL morning show and I surprised her with a 6th question. Who does she want to have lunch with living or dead? Has she skinny dipped?

Plus, Suzie sent me some samples from her book The Return Of King Lillian, listen below or click here to go directly to the website.



Thanks again to Suzie Plakson, I have a new friend, and thanks for the advice. Merry Christmas!!