The Duluth Public Library needs your help. They are asking for Volunteers for a new Home Delivery Service program, expected to start in late spring. This will bring back an old service for people that love to read and can't make it in to the library to enjoy services.

Due to budget cuts these services were stopped in 2008, Renee Zurn, Digital & Outreach Library Supervisor says, she is excited that a plan is put in place that volunteers can help revive these services.

According to the website, The revised Home Delivery Service program will harness the power of volunteers as partners. The number of volunteers who commit to the program will determine the number of people who will be able to receive the service. “We’ve had a number of residents request this service over the last few years and just as many ask about volunteering at the library,” Zurn says. When the library discontinued home delivery services in 2008, there were nearly 100 participants. The library hopes that there is enough volunteer interest to meet at least half that number.

Interested volunteers should call or email Cheryl Skafte, Volunteer Coordinator, at the addresses and phone below. Potential volunteers are asked to submit their application no later than Friday, March 29.

Volunteers should expect to serve around 4-6 hours a month. Training will be provided. A more detailed description and a volunteer application is available online at Read below for brief information about the two Home Delivery Service volunteer opportunities:

Contact Volunteer

Volunteer contacts Home Library Service users to discuss book interests and requests. Using the patron's account, the volunteer selects, checks out and bags the requested books for the patron, preparing them for delivery volunteers. Every effort will be made to match volunteers with Home Library Service users with similar book interests.

Delivery Volunteer

Volunteer drivers deliver and pick up loaned materials from Home Library Service users. Volunteers' preferences for delivery routes will be considered. The bags of library materials may be picked up and dropped off at any Duluth Public Library location.

Cheryl Skafte

218-730-4334 (office) | 218-393-9879 (cell) |