In a move that mirrors most surrounding communities, property owners who have shoreland in Lake Nebegamon will now require a permit for a variety of projects that fall within a 35-foot perimeter of the lake.  The requirement actually went into effect on September 5, but many locals were unaware of the change.  Village officials are working to make sure that everyone is on the same page come next spring and summer.

According to news sources, the permit is now required for "removal of vegetation, trees and shrubs from the shoreline to 35 feet inland or for filling, excavating, grading, major landscaping and ditching projects from the shoreline to 300 feet inland."  In the past, property owners had no ordinance restrictions on what they could or couldn't do on their land in relation to the shoreline.

Officials note that while the permit will be required, there isn't a cost involved.  However, there will now be a fine in place for not having one; failure to obtain the required permit will cost a property owner $1,000 and the cost and work involved with restoration.


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