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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. Yep, it's here! So, instead of fighting it, have fun with it. Here are some winter toys, in no particular order, to enjoy while you are outside.

Ideal SNO Toys SNO-Buddy Penguin

This is kind of a take on the snow bricks. You can fill it with water and make an ice sculpture or you can fill it with snow. You can use them to be the guards for your snow fort or you can throw them in a snow war. (Not the ice version, the snow version.)

Geospace Original LED Ski Skooter

This looks like fun. There are a lot of kids that want to snowboard and just don't have the balance for it. This also looks like a fun toy for adults, but it's probably too small. Why can't they have these for adults? The LED lights make it fun for playing in the yard (or ski hill) at night.

Ideal Sno Toys Sno-Art Kit

I wish we had these as kids, we used to put food coloring into water and draw or make snowmen with colors. All kinds of snow fun and you could decorate your snow fort, you could make a Christmas message, plus it comes with snow molds to have fun with too. Kids can create their own winter wonderland.

Snow Ball Launcher

YES!! This is what every snow general needs to win a snowball fight with their parents or relatives. Now kids that can't throw that hard can get the speed and distance they desire to battle anyone. This makes the snowball battlefield even.

Pipeline Sno Polar Bear Snow-Pal Inflatable Kids Snow Tube

A snow tube for two, or a snow lounger, or it could be a shield if you ride it backward. This will create some fun moments. Now you have a safe, long tube so parents can take the little ones with them.

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