I would say that at least once a week I swing into Kwik Trip to pick up lunch. They've always got something ready to eat that I enjoy, and it's pretty cheap and convenient. I was looking through their cold case yesterday when I spotted packages of sushi for sale. The brand was Moji and they had a couple of flavors.

I'm a big fan of sushi. I'm also a big fan of finding sushi at a good price if it tastes good. To be clear, I of course wasn't expecting fine sushi restaurant quality. Occasionally I'll buy sushi at grocery stores or in the deli if they have it. I was hoping for something that would match that quality.

Moji sushi is sold at other places besides Kwik Trip, but so far it's the only place I've seen it around here. It's made by Trident Seafoods. You get about 8 pieces of sushi in a container. It comes with a small packet of wasabi and soy sauce.

Mine must have just come out of the freezer, because the sushi was ice cold. Obviously you don't want warm sushi, but you also don't want it icy. After eating one roll I put them on a plate and let them thaw slowly in the fridge for a couple hours. I can't eat icy sushi.

Later I had the rest as a snack, because honestly there isn't enough sushi to make this a meal. Not one container at least. Two maybe would be enough. That would cost about $10 which is still not a bad deal for a sushi lunch.

After it had thawed out it really wasn't bad. It was about the quality I had hoped for. It had pretty good flavor and texture. I would give it about a 6/10. Not bad for sushi you pick up on the run.

I found other online reviews that basically match the rating that I give with a lot of 3 star reviews. So all in all, if you like sushi you'll probably find this good enough for the price.

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