Tuesday afternoon I screwed up my back. Wednesday morning I couldn't get off the floor. After going to the chiropractor I was told to ice my lower back. I've had a cold pack for a while I've been using, but it doesn't stay cold very long. So off to CVS I went in search of something better.

CryoMAX caught my eye. It was not cheap but it said it lasted cold for 8 hours. I brought it home and un packaged it and saw it had a handy velcro strap with a carrying case so you could wrap it around your knee or pain area. That's pretty nice. I popped it in the freezer.

The next day I pulled it out and put it on my lower back and gave it a try. It was COLD for hours. At least 3 hours. I never expected it to last that long, even though they advertise 8 hours. The key has to be that it's individual pods in the pack that keep cooler longer. The other cold pack I had would last 30 minutes tops. This CryoMax is almost too cold at times! But it really has helped and I will definitely be buying another in the future.



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