I herniated a disc in my back a couple of weeks ago. If you've never experienced something like that, let me tell you: it's excruciatingly painful. I whimpered stuck on the floor for quite a while before I was able to even stand up with the help of a walker. Long story short, with some physical therapy, a couple trips to the chiropractor, and a lot of icing of my back, I'm doing better.

I soon found that my soft cold pack wasn't staying cold nearly long enough to give me relief. I limped my way into our local CVS pharmacy to find another ice pack I could rotate through the freezer.

What I found that looked the most appealing was the CryoMax cold pack. It claimed to stay cold for 8 hours. I figured that was some type of ridiculously claim, but I would try it anyway.

It froze up relatively quick in the freezer and I pulled it out and gave it a shot. 5 hours later it still was cold. It wasn't quite as cold as when I first took it out of the freezer, but it was still cold enough to provide relief. I didn't go the whole 8 hours, but I have kept it in a cooler before when we went camping and it stayed cool for the whole day.

CryoMax is definitely worth the purchase.

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