The Kiwanis Friendly Duluth Auction will be live on TV tonight hosted by Darren Danielson and Dennis Anderson, and you can watch and bid on products, experiences, and services from community businesses and all the money goes to help kids, youth services, family services, and, well let's just say the money they raise helps people in our community. You can bid right now online, here's how.

Click here and you will go right to the online auction and you can start bidding ahead of time and you can put in your limits so you won't over bid on something. Keep in mind, all the money goes back into the community.

The volunteers on the phone bank do not know who the high bidder on an item or who won a specific item when the lot closes. The only way to for sure know if you won an item is to wait for the confirming call
the evening of the auction.
When calling, note the item numbers and titles of the items you would like to bid on. A volunteer on the phone bank will take your call and ask for each item number and what you would like to bid, and your phone number. If you are the winning bidder of an item,
you will receive a confirmation call that night.
After you receive that confirming call, you are welcome to come to the studio (10 Observation Road) to pay and pick up your item(s).

•The Kiwanis TV Auction is an undertaking of the Kiwanis Club of Friendly Duluth
•The merchandise will be auctioned item by item
•Kiwanis reserves the right to make a final determination •Items my have a minimum starting bid