Wisconsinites that are looking for work but don't want to leave the area might have found their solution - albeit not permanently.  Eau Claire-based Menards is expecting to hire up to 50 people from the Badger State to staff one of their stores in Minot, North Dakota.

The housing market in Minot is booming due to the run on oil in the state.  There is also a lot of recovery going on following flooding.  To meet the need at the store, Menards is looking to hire Wisconsin residents to staff the store in the other state.

Menard, which has more than 200 stores in the Upper Midwest, said this would be the first time it has ferried in workers by airplane, but it believes jetting in employees for weeklong stints and housing them in hotels "is going to be a permanent solution for as far as we can see."

The home improvement retailer has tried to hire their own staffers in North Dakota via the usual means, but hasn't been successful;  The oil boom has left unemployment numbers low in the state.

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