Why is it such a topic of discussion why gas is up one day and down another. I think everyone will say it's simple supply and demand, others will say it's the type of gas. People don't know there is a summer grade and a winter grade.According to Christian Science Monitor, here are some reasons:

  1. Gas prices rise when oil prices rise, and fall when oil prices fall — except when they don't. What you pay at your gas station depends on an array of factors, from what happens on an exchange in New York to what the competition is charging.
  2. There is a summer grade and a winter grade, the winter grade is cheaper and so prices go down for the Christmas season.
  3. Supply and Demand-More people drive in the Summer so the gas price goes up.
  4. Location, Location, Location-Prices are affected by where you live in the United States, some areas just charge more, some are affected by how far the gas is brought in from the refinery.
  5. Maintence-Demand starts to go up in the spring and most refinerys are shut down for general maintence and/or cleaning.

It's not the fault of a war or a rich guy driving the prices up....even though that might be the case.