I'm skeptical.  I'm the kinda girl that has a three day limit on leftovers.  I ran out of salami and hummus, my two staple lunches so I dug around in the freezer and found a package of fully cooked brats.  While I was putting that and a tortilla (that's what I was going to use instead of a bun) I noticed the expiration date and wondered if I should just go hungry.

I know that things that are frozen last a long time, but TWO YEARS?  They smelled fine, they looked great, but when I did research on the subject the answer varied from 3 months to 6-8 months.  They said fresh meats like pork chops, roasts, etc can be kept longer.  Meats that are ground and processed, not as long.  I found that most meats should be eaten within three months, not many were considered ok even up to a year.  Bummer!

So, I thought I'd turn to you, my experts, and see what the consensus is.  How long can I keep it before it's unsafe to eat? What do you think, would you eat it or toss it and go for a handful of peanuts until I can get to the grocery store.

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