Preface to this blog.  I have bought this type of pre-packaged hamburger that you buy  blindly because you can't see the product inside and it's been fine.  However, this time I was surprised to see what can only be described as a large amount of coagulated fat.  Last time I buy what I can't see.

When they first started packaging hamburger like this I felt funny about buying it sight unseen.  There wasn't even a clear window like there is on a package of bacon.  But, I've never been disappointed and didn't expect to be this time.

We were going to help a friend clean out his father's house and I thought ahead to make sloppy joes and throw them in a crock pot.  Since it was just sloppy joes I didn't see any problem with going the cheaper route.  However, what you see in the picture is what I was greeted to when opening the package.  Don't get me wrong, I expect an amount of fat, but not this much.  Did it make a difference?  You wouldn't think, right?

I browned the hamburger and when I drained the fat, there was a considerable amount.  Even more noticeable was that our sloppy joes were more sloppy than meaty.  I used Manwhich sloppy joe in a can and that usually turns out the same every time, but not this time.  Way more sauce than meat.

I've learned my lesson and will be buying meat that I can either pick myself from the meat counter or that is packaged so I can see what I'm getting.

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