This Is Why You Buy Meat You Can See Through The Wrapper
Preface to this blog.  I have bought this type of pre-packaged hamburger that you buy  blindly because you can't see the product inside and it's been fine.  However, this time I was surprised to see what can only be described as a large amount of coagulated fat.  Last time I buy what I can't see.
Liver With Soy Sauce (For Those That Don’t Like Liver)
First off, I am NOT a fan. Never have been, but my mom felt she needed to serve liver and would try to make it different ways to make it taste better. Maybe it was the consistency of the meat, I don’t know. I remember being at Old Country Buffet years ago and piling on a huge spoonful of stuffing on my plate. I love stuffing, but this had a “just not right” taste to it. When I asked, I found out i
Why Make A Vegetarian Burger That Bleeds?
I have several friends that are either Vegan or Vegetarian.  Yes, there's a difference.  My friend that is a vegetarian will still eat some fish and shrimp and I always know I can toss a salad her way and she'll be good.  However, when I cook for my friends who are Vegan, it is a bit more difficult.  But, why in the world would either of them want to eat a non-meat burger just because it actually
Local Restaurant’s Creative Valentine Message Makes Me LOL
My husband and I don't usually celebrate Valentine's Day, but after running some errands we found ourselves with the throngs of Northland lovebirds dining together at a restaurant.  When I saw their Valentine message it made me giggle.  Kudos to Texas Roadhouse for their meaty message.
How Long Do You Think You Can Keep Meat In The Freezer Until It Goes Bad
I'm skeptical.  I'm the kinda girl that has a three day limit on leftovers.  I ran out of salami and hummus, my two staple lunches so I dug around in the freezer and found a package of fully cooked brats.  While I was putting that and a tortilla (that's what I was going to use instead of a bun) I noticed the expiration date and wondered if I should just go hungry.
USDA Renames Beef And Pork Cuts To Boost Sales
Think you know your Ribeye Steak from a New York?  Or a Pork Butt from a roast?  Think again!  In an effort to make meat choices more clear, the USDA is renaming more than 350 cuts of meat - just in time for the summer grilling season.

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