It never fails.  Right around this time of year - when the snow starts to melt off - the potholes make their reappearance in the Northland.  No matter what the size, these holes of missing pavement cause a bumpy ride at their least and sizable vehicle damage at their worst.

The American Automobile Association estimates that pothole damage causes $3 billion worth of damages to vehicles each year.  From damaged tires and rims to wrecked suspensions, struts, sway bars, and shocks the cost to fix the damage isn't cheap.

Everyone loves to complain about the potholes around town.  However, you shouldn't assume that just because you know about a particular, pesky pothole that the city does.  Road damage doesn't just magically get fixed; someone at the city level has to be alerted to its existence.

The City of Superior has made it easy to report these potholes.  They have a specific portal on their website that allows you to report your (least) favorite pothole to the Public Works Department.

Where are the worst potholes in town?  Report them and then comment below.

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