Jamie Houk came on the show some months back and said, she never wanted to direct that she was enjoying being an actress too much and said it might be a lot of work. Fast forward to now, she has written, directed, and produced a new project.

The premise of the film is to travel back into past lives, and the fifth session is when you have already accessed some of your past lives and find out more.

The short film stars Matt May as Amos. An assassin hired to track down Adelyn and her family. Ellen Engelson as Florence. She portrays Adelyn's mother in a past life.

A little fun fact. Florence is the name of one of Jamie's actual grandmother who is of German descent. Jamie is very close to her and wanted to honor her.

Jeremy Frandrup as Steven. A past life regression therapist that Adelyn seeks help from. Jamie said she saw him in this role and thought he played the role exactly like she had envisioned.

There is a screening of the movie  premiering on March 2nd at 8:45pm at the New Hope and Cinema Grill. Here is the link to purchase tickets. It is in the Session 2 block.

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