I recently asked the question on Facebook, "What do you want to see in the old Kmart location in West Duluth?" There were a lot of passionate responses. Some people just wish Kmart was still there. Many people commented on ways to revitalize the Spirit Valley Location. As of now, it looks like a big eyesore. There's an abandoned pothole-filled parking lot, with a large, dirty building.

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There have also been some rumors about businesses that have already purchased the building. I'll address those later on, but as of this time, there is nothing planned for the location.

Here's What People Want To See In West Duluth's Closed Kmart Location

The Kmart in Spirit Valley closed several years ago. It's sat abandoned since, and it really is a waste of good space right in the heart of West Duluth. I recently asked our audience what they would like to see in that location in the future. There were many passionate responses.

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